Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The smoker told me that softdrinks are bad for health

Timmy invited the gang for steamboat at his place last night, he told everyone to bring something and Chicken was in charge of bringing the drinks.

Dennis: what drinks are you bringing?
Chicken: Ribena...
Chicken: okie ar?
Dennis: nothing else ar?
Chicken: Ribena + nana decoco + fruit brunch
Dennis: okie
Chicken: i really dont know what 7 to buy...
Dennis: root beer, Kickapoo
Chicken: i dont wan to bring soft drink... not good for health.
Dennis: LOL, coming from a smoker!!!

I do this all the time, if you smoke and you want to talk to me about healthy lifestyle, you are asking me to mock you. It's not that smokers don't have the right to talk about living healthy but talking about it while smoking death sticks is not going to help improve your health, and that action speaks louder then whatever "I must eat more green, jog 5 hours a day blah blah blah.", *puff puff*.

But seriously... what makes people smoke?
Some people told me that they smoke to socialize.
Does that means I that if I don't smoke I can't meet people and make new friends?

Horse poop!

The usual smoker's answer would be: "No no, It will be much easier for you to socialize with people."
Right... In what way does it make it easier? I wouldn't approch someone who not only has the intention to kill himself/herself but also who is ignorent enough make the people around them suffer. Plus I don't find it hard to socialize with people even thou I'm not an expert in that, but I think it will be a challenge for me to talk with something burning sticking out of my mouth.

Some say to reduce stress,
STRESS? Smoking stresses your body immune system, in the long run more stress will come from the medical bills.

Why am I against smoking so much?
This you got to ask my father.


Linus Linnaeus said...

i feel the same...likewise dude...and to fyrther stregthen your arguement...i met you and you brought me to meet the bunch of them...and it's not about smoking...but rather julian cheah!!! :P

HuonHengChai said...

Julian Cheah's movies over rules anything else!
He's a force to behold of!