Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Goodbye old friends! Hello... what's your name?

Good Bye Number 1

It' been more then a month now since I last seen Doggie, on the day before he gone missing I already felt uncomfortable as if something very bad has happen but I don't know what.
Only when I reach home I learned that my old friend has gone missing...
I don't know where you are old pal I really ran out of places to search for you, I'm sorry if I had mistreated you and I will always remember you and the time we've spent together.

Good Bye Number 2

The Tank!

Since the 1st day I got my drivers license, I've been driving an oversized vehicle which I nick named it "The Tank".
There is something very special about this vehicle that actually made me care for it so much, it is actually the last vehicle my dad got before leaving to a better place.
For the past 10 years, The Tank never did give us any problems at all, driving it fills me with a sense of security as if there is a Guardian protecting anyone who is in it.

And the Hello, What's your name...

Mom brought back a dog from her trip to Malacca, reason for it that she don't feel safe if there is no dog in the house since Doggie has gone missing. And since grandpa wanted to give away one, my mom took it back home with her.
Mom is not really creative when it comes to giving names, all her suggestions are limited to Nini, Bibi, Gigi, Lili, Didi and anything else with 2 "I".
I'm just gonna call it 'Null' for now unless my mom or someone comes up with a better name for her.


pH said...

Null sounds cool :D

Linus Linnaeus said...

how bout DOGGIE!


Timmy said...

Looked like both u n null had a work out...what is missing from that scene is cigarette...

HuonHengChai said...

ph: I guess that name will stuck to it.

Linus: again meh?

Timmy: what?! you mean like sex scene in a in a cheesy movie?
You do it first, I don't smoke.

heidi said...

aww... she looks like a mini wolf! :D

I'm really bad with names..so I'm not gonna help suggest any names. :P

Shin Yin said...

Her name is bitchy bitch! Mom is calling her "nunu" (nu skin not null) =__=

JoJo said...

No is GIGI!
we named her in the car on the way home..
u dont call her gigi then hmmm... FIFI?
but gigi sound nicer :)