Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tarantula Run!

I turn my room upside down not because I was cleaning it but...

...because this little guy manage to escape.

This is my second tarantula escape this week and before this I never had any tarantula escape, the one that escaped today is a Brachypelma auratum (Mexican Flame Knee), this bugger manage to push open the cover of it's enclosure and escape. Luckily I was able find it under my bed.
The first escapee isn't that lucky thou, 6 inches female Haplopelma Lividum (Cobalt Blue Tarantula), somehow she manage to rip apart the silicon that was holding the hinges and squeeze out from a small opening.
My mom spotted it walking out of my room and yelled for me to recapture it, I ran upstairs and try to stop it from entering my mother's room and it made a quick dash and fell off the stairs. The fall results in a badly ruptured abdomen, the tarantula died an hour later after a few attempts to save it.
It's really sad to see it go like that, it was one of the tarantula that I had when I first started, watching it grow to it's size now and it is quite huge in size really, I've never seen any other specimen of the same species as big as the one I had.
It wouldn't end up this way if I were to make sure my enclosures are secured.


Heidi said...

hey hey!
I rushed home after my submission around 2pm-ish and I pengsan-ed until just now. midnight. hahahaha. This is what happens when u don't sleep for two days straight. @_@

anyway, sorry bout ur lost...:( I was freaking out when my Regalis escaped recently...almost wanted to SOS you to help re-capture it cos I was darn scared. The fella looks wayyyy bigger out of the tank. T_T and it was pretty surreal to watch it crawl all over the kitchen cabinets. somemore worried that my cats would come and start chasing it. lucky I managed to capture it with a cake container. *phew*

your flame knee looks so cute! the fireleg I bought from u on behalf of my friend is doing great! greedy little fella and growing well. :)

what kinda enclosures do you use? you're Ts are turning into escape artists! haha. :D glad u managed to recapture ur flame knee safely. :)

pH said...

I didn't yell at u.. haha! kidding.. 6 inches include its legs right? that's like size of my palm, stretched

HuonHengChai said...

Heidi: Do get enough rest ok?
I have a few custom made glass enclosures, the cobalt blue escape from that one, and the flame knee was recently rehouse in a food container, it was strong enough to push it open. gave me a shock when i was feeding them.

ph: lol, I'm sure you didn't. and yes, 6 inches including legs