Sunday, July 8, 2007

Soccer = Serious Business!?

Yesterday I was watching Goal II: Living the Dream, the whole show talks about the life of soccer players, it is a very interesting movie presenting the up and downs of the lives of soccer players but the one thing I can't help to realized is that the movie mention nothing about the soccer fans (Don't you just love them?).
I believe that most of us know at least one person who loves watching soccer, they can talk about how well or badly any team performs, what the manager should do, or which player should the football club buy (Lists goes on and it's never ending). Even thou their opinion is not going to matter in the club decisions, they will keep on going talking about football day and night.
I remembered very clearly that there was a time when the radio station "" keeps on advertising that "Oh, We Malaysians support a lot of football team except their own, so we should be supporting our local football team blah blah blah", then a few minutes later the radio DJ said "Manchester United is so... going to defeat Liverpool blah blah blah". Dude! Didn't you all just advertise that Malaysians should support their own football team? WTF?!
While browsing around the Internet I found this old comment about Malaysian soccer scene, the first post was supportive but lacks in "Chi".
Then later on, the dark side of the "Chi" begun to clouds the positive "Chi". People who created the negative "Chi" seems to be blaming everyone and everything but themselves. Yes I know they have very reasonable, valid and excellent points, but all talk and no action doesn't make you a hero, doing the Samy-method isn't going to make thing better, dawg .
I'm not a soccer fan hater nor a soccer hater, and if there are people playing in the field there is a chance that I might be joining too even thou I'm not skilled, but I'm just in for the fun.
I'm not saying that anyone should support who and who or what so ever, if you like a team go ahead and support it, do what you want to but just remember that there are people around you might not be interested or have a single clue to what you are talking about, so respect the people around and tone it down a little, unless if you are hanging out with your soccer buddies of cause.

Chi = Energy

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