Thursday, July 5, 2007

Interview, meeting and first day of work

Yesterday I gone for an interview at Rahman Putra Golf Club in Sungai Buloh, it's actually an interview for a position in the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) located in Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. I know that I've messed myself up big time during the interview and the reason is I didn't check my shirt before entering the interview, the back of my shirt wasn't tucked in and the interviewer's first comment was : "Do you always dress up like that?" (I later learned that he's the chairman)
The interview was short, I was in no mood to answer question due to the long wait and the un-tucked shirt incident. After a few more questions asked by the chairman, he then thank me for coming, indicating that I could leave now. I left and walked stright to the car fire up the engine and drove out of the club, as I approch the junction that lead home, the phone rang and it was Mr. Ravi calling, asking me to go back as he has something to speak to me about. I was wondering what could he possibilly want to speak to me about, I knew there was only one way to find out so I drove back to the Club.
Next thing I know I was having lunch getting ready to attend the company meeting with the software developers and suddenlly I hold alot of responsibilities in the company's operations.
First day of work and I felt overloaded with information and still dont know what the hell am I supposed to do to the paper works that keeps coming to my desk. I must catch up with my work sooner or else I'll be too dazed to know my job function. It may seems that I'm going to suffer, however I take this as a blessing, I don't know why but it's a blessing.


Timmy said...

keep up the good work.
post some picture of your workplace

Noor Azlin Shah said...

Nice blog you have here & congrats on your new job. Hopefully you'll get a bonus next year! :)

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valc said...

wah..u are just so cool...i am sure the boss really like u. ;)well done. proud of u.