Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Expired Drivers License

"Dude! I just remembered that my driver's license has just expired!"
That was what I said while driving Timmy's car back from work. My license expired on the 30th of June and yet I've been driving around happily for the past 9 days, forgetting that I'm carrying a dead license driving around.
Not really a big deal, I got it renewed at the post office near my work place today and to repent myself for being a criminal by driving around with an expired license, I've registered myself to vote for the coming election.

Behold! The Pink Paper!

And as requested by Timmy, here's a picture of my cubical. As you can see it's just a paper work land (No special effects!), tech support is very minimal here. I have to create the problem so that I could get my hands dirty molesting some computers hardware's. MGA gotta be careful this year because I'm gonna need lots of help from the accounts department.

Paper Work everywhere

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