Sunday, July 15, 2007

Joy cafe pre opening visit

Timmy called up this morning asking me if I would like to go visit his family's soon to be open restaurant for a visit, he has been talking about it a lot and that has got me feeling very curious, wanting to see the place myself I immediately said yes.
We arrived at the cafe and 1st thing I noticed is how clean the place is, the cafe wears a new coat of pleasant light green, The furniture and everything else looks nice and clean.
There I tried the drinks that Timmy's dad made and the one drink that got my attention is the plum + cucumber ice blend, I've never heard of such a drink in my life and I'm definitely not a big fan of ice blend but to my surprise it tasted very good and refreshing.
Timmy's dad also made us some beef brisket noodles to eat, and I must say some improvement has to be made on it's presentation however it tastes very good, the chunks of beefs were tender and juicy.

It's will be officially open this coming Friday, 20th July 2007.
So if you are nearby or interested in having some killer beef brisket noodles, the cafe is located at:

Joy Cafe
540, Jalan Riang 11,
Happy Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.


Timmy said...

Thanks for the free advertising and comments.

appreciate. come try our new hip & delicious Malaysian Chinese Cuisine...A place which you'll come back for more...



heidi said...

HHC~~~ I din noe u had a blog!!!

i shall stalk u. muahahah.. :P

HuonHengChai said...

Timmy: Will advertise for half boiled eggs.

Heidi: I'm more happy then worried, LOL