Sunday, April 13, 2008

Worlds Apart

Work had brought me to visit a squatters village, it is not something that is new for me since I used to (or still) live near one, and when I was in secondary school, if I had to walk home I'll walk through the village cause it saves me more time.
Even thou many people associate danger and criminals to squatters, yet my mom never mention a thing to me about walking at that area, and all that time nothing bad ever happen when I walk through the area, as a matter of fact, they are human beings too, and they are as afraid as anyone who is afraid of being rob or getting harmed.
I actually enjoyed walking around the squatters when I was younger, I think playing with the kids there actually taught me how to do off with what I have, think about it, these children have no Lego, Microgenius, or Gameboy. All they got is scrap wood, with the scrap wood they make their homes and with scrap wood they make their own toys, example are Gasing, kite, gun that shoots rubber bands, and such.
My recent visit however gave me a different kind of experience, as I sat at one of their porch I see a huge luxury condominium less then 100m away, and I just cannot believe how close these people are living by the condo and yet how much different their lives are compared to the people who lives in the condo.

I still remember those kids I used to play with at the squatters, I got no idea how are they doing nor do I have any way that I can use to contact them, but I hope they are all doing well.

Have a Great Day.

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Linus Linnaeus said...

hahahaha....i am in touch still with mst of the kids I played and grew up with...

my neighbourhood showed well the difference of two worlds...when i was growing was a cheap neighbourhood with jungles etc...then when i grew became a high end area called kenny house was admist those of foreign ambassadors and my city mayor live down the road...

just goes to show we should respect all as equal...hehehe