Thursday, April 24, 2008

infinity sadness of the recyclable waste collector

Followed a recyclable waste collector for 2 days to walk in her shoes and feel what it's like to be her, from what I experienced of her, I don't think that I have the will to live trough her life and to be honest, I'd suicide/died long time ago.
This woman lives in a house which I would describe it as the aftermath of a collapsed building the only difference is that the house still standing, everything in the house is damaged, dirty and dark, I've seen some very dirty houses but nothing I've seen so far can be compare to this.
However, it's not her fault for the house to be like this, she did her best to keep the house clean but one woman simply cannot win against 7 uncooperative bastards (Yes! They deserve the credit for messing up the place.)
She is poor and unfortunate, she has to beg for leftover food at the economy rice stall to put food on the table, and the unfortunate parts comes in when the children refuse to eat, takes from the mother's saving and go out and eat with their friends.
I really want to write more about her life here now because after seeing what's it's like to be her I really find it very hard to contain or digest my experience, however I think it's no use for me to write too much about her, it's not healthy for me plus the best thing to do is to experience her life for yourself.

Watch the video in this link and you see it for yourself.

Be grateful for what you have, and have a great day.

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