Sunday, April 27, 2008

The "Hello" of DOOM!

I have no idea how to describe my luck yesterday, we were at Kuala Selangor to interview Amber Chia and her mother at her home town. While on the way there we come across a very old cinema, we couldn't believe that the 50 years old wooden structure was once an entertainment center.
Being adventurous Dumb asses we decided to go in and check out the place, Linus and Amber waste no time to check out the place, they were already climbing up the stairs at the side of the building while I keep telling them to be careful because the wood that make the stairs looks really weak and rotten. I decided to walk towards the side of the building which Linus and Amber walked pass just moment before to explore thinking that it should be safer to be on the ground, I guessed I was wrong.
Some how the hole on the side door caught my attention and as usual I would call out my trademark "Hello~~~", I usually don't get any responds for that but this time it's different...

Right after saying "Hello~~~" I hear metal banging sound and it was long and loud, I had no idea what it is, I looked up and see something above coming down towards me, it was so fast that I still couldn't register what was happening.

Ground Zero

"Oh my god! Dennis are you OK?"
I heard a few people yelling out to me however I was in a state of shock, and at my ducking position I check myself for any injuries and the camera for damages then look around to figure what had hit me, As I look around I find it amazing that the collapses roof left a cavity just enough for me to duck in if if come down lower an inch or 2, my head would have been crack open by the falling wood.
"I'm all right, don't worry about me. I'm fine." I yell out to let everyone know that I'm OK. I crawl out of the rubble to find one section of the roof which runs along the side of the old cinema has collapse. Amber and Linus were still on the stairs, I suggested that they better get down from there while as I walk away to safety.

I sat down on the porch of the house next to the cinema trying to get myself to calm down from the shock, I assured everyone that I am all right, however they look really worried but I couldn't blame them, they were watching when the whole roof collapses on me, even I would think that I'm a goner.
Amber quickly walk towards me as soon as she got down the stairs, asking me if I'm all right and attending to my injuries while Linus keeps telling me "That was so cool, dude! I wish I was in your place.".
One minute ago I saw death in the form of wood, zinc and rusty nails, then after that, I have the beautiful Celebrity Supermodel Amber Chia checking and attending to my wounds, only if this could happen everyday, I'm willing to stand in the way of falling roofs.

Amber giving me first aid

You had you chance and you failed! (Roof 0 - Dennis 1)

No one would possibly believe me if I tell them but here you go! Pictures as proof!

Well, even I cannot believe my luck that day... I guess I'm very lucky to climb out unhurt from God's reminder that I'm only flesh and bones.



Eeling said...

OMG! That was sooooo scary!!!
r u alright?!?!

Sim said...

I bet its a setup to get Amber Chia to rescue you....You sneaky bastard! HahaHa.glad you are still alive.

rafiqos said...

this must have been one of ur wretched ploys...bugger!

Linus Linnaeus said...

hahahahaha....amber is one of the nicest most grounded celebrity around huh dude?


klown said...

dude, u one lucky son-of-a-gun. that was a close shave. I could have lost a friend. Man, imagine what your tombstone would have said -
"His last words: 'Hello~~!'"
Thank the gods you were not 2 inch taller.

HuonHengChai said...

eeling: I'm OK, still alive :)

Sim & rafiqos: darn! you managed to find out!

Linus: I must agree, with you. She very sweet too :P

Klown: Thank God I'm not as fat as you too :P

Click to Climax said...

Lucky boy. So did u take the opportunity to mention that u hurt your crotch area as well and it needs treatment?

Anonymous said...

damn lucky wei!!!