Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bicycle Hunting

Penang road sweeper's bicycle

I'm having that itch again... itching to cycle that is!
I used to have a hard tail mountain bike that I assemble with some guidances from a friend, it served well for a couple of years yet eventually it couldn't take anymore of the abuse I constantly give it (I jump and ride down hill quite a bit), the front suspension actually broke and after that I didn't bother fixing it.
Talk to the terrorist banker (Eu Jin) about my itch for biking and I think I got him infected, the video of cross country biking playing at the bicycle shop seals the deal.
We'll be doing our homework on biking, specifically cross country.

"She holds my hand and never shields me,
Because the best shield is to accept the pain,
Then what can really destroy me"

Mint Sauce February 1999 by Jo Burt

Have A Great Day!


Linus Linnaeus said...

Dude...don't leave me out....

another cool way to hurt myself!!!



Anonymous said...

oh mr. teh, ur gonna get urself hurt, dont la.
better get a girlfriend rather than a bicyle maaa :)