Monday, March 17, 2008

Pig Hunting @ Kek Lok Si Temple

Mom wanted to visit Kek Lok Si Temple before returning to KL, so we drove to the foot of the hill and walk our way up to the temple. Passing trough stalls selling all kind of things
During the Chinese New Year, mom suggested that we all should buy decoration of our own zodiac animal sign and so it became my mission to look for the fattest pig decoration in Kek Lok Si.
Here are some of the pigs I found:

Didn't but : Too common, many people have this

Didn't buy: For obvious reason

Didn't buy: Mom said the guni sack is not a good sign

Didn't buy: I don't like the design

Didn't buy: Looks more like a toy

Couldn't buy: It's not for sale and it weights a ton, took a picture with it instead

In the end, I picked up this golden pig (Picture Below) while on the way back to the car, too lazy to walk around looking for another pig so settle for anything, it's just gonna sit around at home and do nothing anyway.

Sister said something negative about pigs.
"But they make people around them happy." I said
"People eat pigs." she replied
"That's why the people are happy." I answered


Linus Linnaeus said...

hey...i think you'll like my latest blog's about animation...a certain dennis is there too :P

Cybermate said...

I think the piglets are cute.