Thursday, March 6, 2008

Heng's guide: How to hunt wooly mammoths

Watched 10.000 BC 2 days ago, all thanks to Eu Jin (the terrorist banker) for the premiere tickets, never underestimate the power of a suicide bomber. I KEEEEL YOU!!!!
Now the whole movie goes like this... A group of Americans researchers are wondering how woolly mammoth meat would taste like if they BBQ it with their special BBQ sauce. so they travel back to 10,000 BC to hunt for mammoths, and if you read on believing everything I just said then you must transfer all your money to my bank account.
Overall I like the movie not because of it's ass kicking CG effects, or the brutality of man killing man (what most guys like) but the story of one man going against an entire empire to save the future of his people and other "nations" is something that inspires. Besides that I love the way they show how one man would travel "to the end of the earth", fight an entire army of a huge nation, and even challenge supreme power to save the woman he loves, it's amazing to see the things people would do in the name of love. I wonder if it's still a trend to do that, never heard of a real life version one before, must everything that good be on TV only?

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