Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Naked Voter

Drove to 3 schools with my mom just to find the polling station this morning, got to love the dumb arse developer who name the place. IF ANY OF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE STOP NAMING ANY MORE OF YOUR PROJECT WITH "DAMANSARA" ALREADY, EVEN MY MOM IS BETTER AT NAMING THINGS!!!
While driving mom keeps talking about the political "talk" she attended last night.
"Make sure you vote for [CENSORED]."
"Mom, I'm old enough to make my choice, that is why they allow me to vote."
Too bad for me, she continues with her political speech.

Walking in the school I see a sign that reads, "Kita datang dengan harapan" which means "We come with hope", I guess the sign is right about that I'm sure am hoping Malaysia will become a better place, hope that crimes and corruptions will be taken seriously, hope that everyone is treated with equality no matter what race, hope that Malaysia can still be home so that my friends wouldn't fly away to another country and never come back again.

Where is everybody? Is this the polling station? How come no one around to vote? It seems like my mom and I along with a few few people are around to vote, that's like less then 10 of us in there.
"I wanted to register but then I'm too busy, where got time?" [Enter any name]
"Me too! But then it took me only 5 minutes to register at the post office, what's your excuse?"
"Post office where got so fast one?"
"Quit lying to me and just say that you are lazy."
hmm... I guess that's why not much people are around to vote now, perhaps people don't like to wake up early.

Cast my vote, find my mom and walk out of the school, along the way I saw the sign again, the back of it reads "Kita pulang dengan kerjayaan" (We return with glory). Well, at least I did my part, I hope you did too.

Have a GREAT weekend

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