Friday, March 28, 2008


Attended the Chocolate Appreciation Workshop by Amedei and as a self-proclaim chocolate lover I must admit that I had not tasted or appreciate chocolate as much as I did tonight. "Forgive me Willy Wonka for I have sinned."

The speaker for the workshop was Roberto Solanes, General Manager of Italpoint Sdn. Bhd. he's really a great speaker however I think some of the participants really cannot understand his slang and they were talking while he's presenting, it's sad because I really think it's very interesting to learn a little more about chocolates, how cocoa are grown, harvest and made in to chocolate, plus how the climate, soil and other factors of the cocoa plantation could make an impact on the taste and quality of the chocolate.

The most fun session was the chocolate tasting session, and I'm pretty damn sure that almost everyone would agree with me. We were given a few of Amedei Chocolate products to taste and feel the characteristic of each and every one of them, and my favorite that night has to be "Chuao", not only because it's such a fun word to say but it is really so good that I personally think that this has to be it! The meaning of my life, my existence on this planet wrapped inside an aluminum foil, and if I were to die at that time I'll say it's a beautiful death. In fact, Chuao has won the Gold award for the best bean to bar in the Academy of chocolate 3 times!

Yet after a whole night of fine chocolate and extremely good espresso, I still cannot forget the chocolate mousse topped with extremely rich chocolate syrup me and Aaron were drooling at at an event 2 days ago.
"Holy *^$%! That looks so sinful!" Aaron explains.
I must agree with him.


Joe Xavier said...

sounds awesome! pics??
i love chocolate man~

HuonHengChai said...

sorry dude, the chocolates were so good that I got no time for anything else.

Linus Linnaeus said...

damn spiders....when it comes to food they just grab and gorge without a care in the world...