Sunday, March 30, 2008

Paintball, karaoke and sushi all in one day

It seems that there are many birthday boys and girls around this week, so Happy Birthday to Irwin, Seen Yen and Mei Yoong.
We celebrated Irwin's birthday at TT sports park for paint ball, I must say it's really a fun and unique experience to celebrate a friend's birthday by playing paint ball and despite getting shot in the ass by my own teammate, thank goodness that I don't have any bad bruises like the one Timmy got, it's like he's got additional nipples now.
Timmy's hickey, given by Ping Ru's marker

After paint ball, it's Red Box at Pavilion for the 2 birthday girls (one belated and one coming soon actually).
Dragon fruit monster

Well, I don't want to describe the traumatic experience people had after they heard me trying to sing it's OK.

Had sushi and sake for dinner with the usual bunch, great company, excellent day.
A good preparation for the attack on Malacca tomorrow.

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