Monday, January 5, 2009

Perak Trip Part 3: Surfing the Gopeng way

1 night spent sleeping out in the open, didn't sleep in the tent because there ain't enough room so I choose to sleep outside. I can't remember the last time i did that but I do remember doing it only to find how beautiful the night sky actually is, we humans with our buildings, cars, and pollution made it hard it see in the city.
Well, we all woke up to a morning of fresh and cooling air. Once everyone had their breakfast it was time to pack up, time to leave to meet our next guide.
We found ourselves at a housing estate but we are no where near the Gopeng river. Convoy lead stopped in front of a house signaling us that we've arrived and we should park our cars.
It is after I walked in to the house I only realised that this it the base for our guides the dudes from jungle geckos. We are all going to be geared up here, we are all given a kevlar padded wetsuit, helmet, life jacket, diving boots and flippers. Once we are all geared up, we are all put on to the back of a lorry with the boards that we'll be using later.

So, after some tree branch evading workout we arrived at the destination near MyGopeng resort, there were 14 of us so we'll be going in 2 groups. For some reason I got myself on the first group and I get to go in to the river first, after the guide gave us a briefing it was time to go, holding the board in front of me, I jumped in to the river where the current is the strongest and started as I was told.
I manage to reach the checkpoint the guide mentioned but some of the people in my group find it to be a little too challenging. So before we go on we were given a water kicking lesson.

It looks quite easy but doing it is actually quite tiring. At all time we must hold on to our boards even if it turn upside down, we also got to know the right time to kick specially when we get stuck and going in circles, for the guys we had an additional thing to worry about, we were told to open our legs when the board go above a rock or else we'll suffer intense pain or worst possible become the ending twig on the family tree.

I don't remember how long were we in the river riding the current but I'll tell you that it is both scary and fun when it comes to a rapid drop. There is no way to stop when that comes, all you could do is to hang on close to your board and brace yourself.
I'm definately going back for this one.

Have a Great Day

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