Monday, January 5, 2009

Good Bye Pax

Got a phone call on New Year morning, never expect my 1st phone call recieve for the year 2009 would be one that brings bad news.
I got myself washed up, and left home, picked up Linus and headed for a friend's house.
By the time we reach the place. We were told to go to a vet near by the area. Our friend was there waiting already, with the motionless body of Pax who was once hyper active.
Pax is a Jack russel terrier that was actually bought from a pet shop by a friend. I actually consider it an adoption because Pax was actually already bought by another person who actually paid for him but didn't return to collect and was later bought by our friend at a price I never imagine.
Pax seems to be doing alright but until one point I started to learn that Pax is having some problems, then the phone call came.

Rest in Peace Pax.
Hope that someone will play fetch with you up there.

All dogs go to heaven


Linus Linnaeus said...

woof woof woof


GKaeru said...

this is sad ... what happened to Pax ... did you make a tomb for Pax? sob sob ...

valc said...

missing Pax very much, I have bought a mango tree planning to plant it beside his grave.