Saturday, January 3, 2009

Perak Trip Part 2: The Communist Cave

After visiting the Cathedral cave, we drove to Chemor town for some real good fish noodles, but then that's not really important to me, the journey to Perak actually became a testing ground for my new GPS capable cellphone.
Yes! I had GPS on most of the time while driving and even thou I am not required to lead the convoy but I found the need to familiarized with the capabilities of my cellphone, thou everyone believe that I've become obsess with it.

So after our meal, we drove our way to Ipoh for the famous salted chicken (Yim Kok Kai), traffic at that time was really bad and it's was really hard for me to stick to the convoy as cars kept on cutting in and out of lanes, attempts to keep up with the convoy proved to be futile. I'm not too sure but I think Aurelius was starting to get worried because he knows that I'm very particular when it comes to traveling in a convoy, little did he know that I was happily by the road side setting the GPS to guide me to the destination. It's a miracle that device I tell you, it's like a guiding star for lost sailors... erm... anyway we quickly regroup, got our salted chicken and head to south for the next leg or our trip.
Our destination is actually Gua Kandu located in Gopeng roughly 20km off Ipoh. We meet up with our guide Botak who then lead us to the mouth of the cave, the place where we are all going to be camping for the night.

Botak was real quick in getting us to pitch our tents, it seems that he's got that thing in getting everyone to work together as a team to do various task, it didn't took us long to pitch the tents, assigning tent occupants and get a whole lot of fire wood while Botak prepare the food for us.
After having our "snack" Botak's partner came by to bring us for a tour inside the cave.

The passage in gua Kandu is big enough for a person to walk into, making it quite an easy walk at the start but it does becomes a little more challenging later in to the cave when climbing up steep walks becomes necessary. As we walk, the guide begin to tell us about the history of the cave, it seems that after the second world war the communist used this cave as hideout, I'm not to sure how real it was but one thing was sure to e real to me, the amount of graffiti in the cave...

There were quite some interesting things to see and do in that cave, but I really need to go to bed now and I rather not spoil it for anyone, so I'll just leave you hanging right here.
Good night

Have A Great Day,

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