Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crazy Bee

Arrived on Penang Island at 1.30am yet decided to follow my aunt and my mom to Air Hitam dam for a morning walk. I knew that it's going to be too easy for me so I decided to hike up to Penang hill right after that.
The people here are quite anti social I think, I could be wrong but if you've been to Kiara hill for a walk you get greeted by some of the joggers. It does makes the walk more pleasing. Or maybe I'm just crazy, I did greet them all anyway.
I decided to use a route not far away from the dam to start my journey to Penang Hill, still I got to accompany my mom and aunt to the car.
On the way there I felt a sharp pain on my neck. Something was sting or citing me, I flick the thing off without knowing what I'm dealing with.
The pain grew to become more annoying, felt like I've been stung by a bee. I got no idea if the sting is still there or not so I got my mom to check it for me while my aunt go 'Quickly go to the clinic! This one cannot play a fool one ar!' there goes my plan for Penang hill the bee choose a perfect time to ruin my plan, right when my kan chong aunt is around.
Well at least I had fun disturbing my aunt while on the way to the clinic, pretending than my hands are numb and kept asking if my head is falling off. At least until when the doctor said that he's giving me a lab.

Have a Great Day

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Linus Linnaeus said...


dude...time to believe in God...your luck is running dry =P