Friday, January 23, 2009

Penang hill solo hike

Woke up at 9.30am today, was supposed to wake up earlier for my hike up to Penang Hill. Got up and quickly rush out. It took me about 30 minutes walk to reach the starting point, a temple right next to the clinic my aunt brought me for a jab in the bum, thank goodness it doesn't hurts as much now.

I wasn't sure about the trail at first but all I know is that my starting is behind a temple and I must cut through a few farms. Try my luck and took a small trail which I think could be the most likely way.

Only 10 minutes from the starting point I could feel the zen in the place, there were monks walking pass and stuff. After passing the temple path I found myself near a farm house with dogs barking as I go nearer. Not good I thought, time to get a stick.
As I was lookin for my weapon a dog came nearer and nearer, once I manage to find myself a stick. The dog was already next to me, nibbling on the stick I just picked up at the same time it's pulling the stick playfully. Played a little tug-of-war with the fella and for some reason I felt as if it's asking me to follow him, and strangly I did.

For more then an hour I followed the dog, taking every path it took. I was actually asking myself, what the heck is this dalmation doing in this part of the world and where is it leading me to?

It is when we arrive at this rock that I realized where is it taking me. I'm on the right path and there is no question about it. All thanks to this spotted mutt.

We walked on in the sun no shade and it's hot as hell. Since most of the path crosses the farms, the luxury of having tall trees to provide shade is kinda out of the question. The farmers wants the sun for their plants so all trees gotta be out of the way, at least that's the case for the first leg of the trip. The sun really gave me quite a beating, at one point I even considered turning back and try it again another time when it's not that hot but this is Penang, it's always hot here.
The dog lead me all the way to a tree at a split road 2 arrows are nailed on the tree giving directions, and that's where the dog left me, I took the trail and head for Penang Hill as it goes back down.

I continued on and walked for god knows how long, found myself at some bungalows. That when I knew that I'm now very near my destination. The ice kachang stall on Penang hill. Not the best but it will do for a tired hiker like me. (don't try the one at stall number 888, not happening)

My first time hiking up to Penang Hill and I learned an important lesson, the botanical garden have a much shady trail which is nicer and more cooling, don't be a hero and walk across the farms unless you wanna meet the kind spotted mutt.

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Linus Linnaeus said...

while u were being sun baked crispy...i cried my eyes out friend.

HuonHengChai said...

why la? Leg still bad?

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Cmate said...

Just wanted to wish you Happy CNY!