Saturday, November 1, 2008

Batu Maloi Caves

A good breakfast at the Pasar Besar Seremban and about an hour worth of drive later we found ourselves in Gunung Tampin Forest Reserves where our next adventure awaits.

The sign

Batu Maloi Caves is an unique cave that is formed beneath a whole lot of huge boulders, it is about 1 kilometer in length and a stream that runs along the cave, exploring the caves is easy for the fit however for individuals who lacks stamina and have a size issue will have a hell lots of problem trying to navigate in these caves as there are many tight spots and crazy bends.

The entrance

Our guide start us up by giving us a briefing of the do and don't, whats and what's not etc (Clearly I wasn't paying attention at the time).
After the briefing, we followed our guide and hiked into the forest heading towards the cave entrance. Which looks as unimpressive as a gap between 2 very large boulders, I thought that there must be a mistake when the guide says that we are going to crawl in between the gap. Trusting the guide we follow and soon we find ourselves in between more boulders, only difference is that it is getting darker and darker, it became clear that we are going underground.

I don't really know how to describe more about this trip but I will say that it is really impressive to see the formation of this unique cave and the abundance of wildlife in it really makes the trip interesting, it's a cold, wet and dark experience in a fun way, don't expect to stay dry thou.

Have a Great Day

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Cmate said...

This looks like fun.. i mean.. crawling in the water on all fours, now that is fun (to me)... when are you doing again?