Sunday, November 16, 2008

Batu Maloi Revisit

About a week ago, Timmy called me up and tells me that he wants to bring a group to Batu Maloi coming Saturday and he wants me to help organize the trip, it's a last minute thing but since there are no plans for the weekends, I told him that I'm up for it, so I called up the Guide Leader or the person in charge in Batu Maloi to make the arrangements.
On trip day, 6 person including myself show up at the meeting point near Asia Jaya LRT station. We had our breakfast and head south towards the Malacca and Negeri Sembilan borders for Batu Maloi, even thou I've been there once I still couldn't recall how to get there and that other time my group took a different route so armed only with the directions we braved the highways.
All goes well for the first hour and half but confusion sets in later, not bringing a map or a GPS proves to be a big mistake, for some reason we got ourselves lost in Kampung Tampin but I guess that's what makes it fun in the first place.
After a few U-turns and asking for directions at the petrol station, I've managed to drive to a familiar place in Kampung Tanggai, a 15 minutes drive later we've arrived at Batu Maloi.
The guide leader was already there waiting for us, wasting no time he promptly introduce himself to the rest of the group and gave us all a briefing before we enter. He did warn us about the water level as it was raining the night before, I guess I cannot expect crystal clear river water for this trip.
At about 9.45AM, the guide informs us that it was time to move, we started hiking towards the cave entrance the walk there is a short one, we reached the same entrance where I started the last time but the guide told us that we are not going to take this one. I got confused when he started to walk away from the area and asked us to follow, what I don't know is that there this cave have multiple entrance and the guide lead us to another one just behind the one I used the last time but it still leads to the same place, but it's a little more challenging this time because the water is murky, non of us could see or judge how deep the water is unless we go in the water ourselves. Some part of the cave bares prove of the water level the night before when we saw the marks and we all knew that it is not funny to get stuck in there when it's raining heavily, as a matter of fact, some parts of the cave where I've been to the last time was actually inaccessible even thou the water level was only slightly higher it actually made the water flow stronger and faster, yet for me it was still fun and the rest thinks so too, they even made a request to go there again to camp and finish off all 24 check points.
Personally, I think it's a good idea.

Have a Great Day

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