Monday, November 24, 2008

Food for Thought : My Midnight Dinner


It's 1.30AM, I didn't have my dinner earlier since I was already darn tired from driving around going from one location to another to help escort and deliver necessities to a few orphanages or homes, having a psychotic sister banging on the door while I was already sleeping killed the mood, so to my beloved sister who rudely woke me up from my much needed slumber here's my message to you.
I already told you, don't give me any of your last minute "I-need-you-to-drive-me-somewhere" bullshit, inform me at least a day before, not 5 minutes before you need to leave. Plus, my door is already very old and fragile it cannot take any more of your mindless banging.
IT'S BLOODY COMMON SENSE!!! Knock on my door and if I don't answer that means I'm sleeping and you'll have to find yourself another option to take care of whatever that you want me to handle. I know this should be said in a more personal way but I've already tried many methods countless times and I'm already running out of ideas on how to effectively drill this into her head.
Now that I got that off my chest I must continue with the intended topic.
It was lunch time when I was at one of the home, there's not much for me to do so I helped by serving sup to the kids. When I serve the last bowl of sup, the food on the kids' plate caught my eye.
It's rice cooked with either chili or tomato and long beans, some eggs perhaps, not too sure but it didn't look appealing to me even thou I didn't have much of a lunch, I wondered how it really taste like but I dare not question the chef or housekeeper's cooking, the children seems to enjoy it thou, at least they said that it's nice but honestly I don't think I would eat that unless I really have to. I know... I feel like a real asshole for thinking like that, I do feel bad about it too.

Have A Great Day