Friday, October 31, 2008

Road to Lata Kijang

Convoy at rest

The plans were made, Lata Kijang located off Kampung Chennah within Negeri Sembilan. The group meet up at the meet up point at 7am 8am in the morning, a quick breakfast, briefing, petrol and air check later we are off to the place where we are supposed to meet up with the people who are going to drive us in using a pick-up truck and a lorry.

Lorry group picture

Sitting in the back of the lorry gives me a mix experience. At first it seems fun and all as the whole bunch of us were just jumping, shouting and trying to dodge log hanging branch but after a while I begin to realized how uncomfortable it is to be in the back of the lorry,to endure an hour of this is enough to drive me nuts, think about the people who do this to go to their work place to earn a living.
Our destination (Lata Kijang) is 20KM away from the starting point, the issue is that no one says that it's gonna be a smooth ride. I already expected it because I've been there a year earlier and at that time there were no tar or gravel road leading to the place, it was a muddy, bumpy 4x4 ride the last time.
Now it's all changed, there is a tar road there now. It's not really suitable for the conventional sedan, but it's still pretty decent, even the scary bridge which has the potential to trap my group for the previous visit is now repaired... no more fun there.

Lata Kijang

More then an hour later, we found ourselves at Lata Kijang and we can't wait to get into the water. There were a crowd there even before we arrive, seems like a group of 60-80 students from some university's nature club, too bad that I had to tell one of them that the group shouldn't use shampoo at the waterfall as this might cause some environmental damage. Unfortunately, there were more of them there to shampoo their hair, one fat and ugly girl in particular was spotted giving herself a facial by the falls, I should had just shouted to her that even God couldn't help her.
Eventually they left leaving the waterfall for ourselves, I'm not sure if they noticed that they had been washing their face and hair with water stained by my pee thou, but that's not important anymore.

On strike

After spending a few hours enjoying the waterfall and mother nature's offering. We set off to the place where the lorry dropped us, waiting to be picked up and head out to our cars. The driver said that he'll pick us up at 3pm. we waited till 4pm and there is no way we can contact him, so it was decided that we should start trekking.
However, there is no way that any of us could survive the 4 hours track back and be able to attend the next event on the following day so the choice was made that we are to trek to the near by camp site that was occupied by a charitable 4x4 group from Malacca called Puma 4x4 club ( for help.

Saved by the club

With the help of their leader and the PR manager, we were all safely transported back to the starting point.
For me this trip was good but it is sad to see how much damage a road can cause to the environment.

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I am planning to camp there actually the 4WD site this coming Saturday.

Shit, looks like hell there...

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