Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chilling Falls: She is calling me

Sacred map to Chilling

Aurelius called me up on Friday to see if I'm interested to pay Chilling Falls a visit on the following day, even thou it's a sudden plan and we have another trip on Sunday and Monday I'm game for it.
Chilling Falls is located about 30KM off Kuala Kubu Baharu, Hulu Selangor heading towards Fraser's hills. I first visited the falls back in the early 90's and it is one of the first waterfalls that I've been to.
When I first visited the place, there was nothing but jungles, river and wild life, today it is a fish sanctuary with toilets, guard house, an odd looking 2 story building, trash cans a suspension bridge all recently build by our beloved Malaysian Government's fishery department.

River Crossing
The trail there is simple, start by registering yourself at the guard house located in the "fishy" Department, there you will see a suspension bridge that you'll can't miss unless you are blind.
After crossing the bridge, we come to this "Cross Junction", this is the only confusing part because it looks as if there is a stream moving across the trail, going straight will lead you to a dead end, take a left turn there and go against the water flow. From there we just follow the trail and cross the river at marked crossing point, a 45 minutes to an hour worth of hiking later, the majestic Chilling falls is in sight, still as beautiful as the first time I see her.

She just makes me want to jump in

Group picture

Have A Great Day

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