Monday, October 6, 2008

Broga Hill Trip

It was 4AM and I was already out of bed and driving in a convoy, taking on the role of a sweeper who's primary duty is to make sure no cars leaves the convoy and to inform the Trip Leader if there is any thing wrong or if any of the cars in the convoy couldn't catch up. Really not a typical thing to do on a Saturday morning, but somebody has to do it. It was quite a challenge to keep the convoy together yet even God makes it more difficult for me to control the convoy for it was rain quite heavily, I can't help but to smile thinking that the Gods are making it hard for me so that I can become better.
Trip Leader wasn't too sure of the directions so we did take a longer route to the destination,we took a detour in to Kajang to our starting point which is a very run down Rabbit farm somewhere in Broga.

It was still raining, but it was no concern to me because I already knew that my bunch are real nutcases and there is no way a little rain is going to stop us. A few of the new comers had to leave thou, one of them isn't feeling well and there is no point for her to risk it as it might make things worst for her, it's really a pity having to turn back after coming this far.
Off they go leaving the group on their way home, the rest of us got ready and we marched in to the palm oil plantation where the trail begins.
Upon crossing the plantation we meet an open field which has a track which leads us right in to a jungle, to me it was just too easy, moving at my own pace I made one mistake, I forgotten to make sure the group could keep up.
After clearing the jungle I arrived at a field full of tall grass which has a uphill trail leading to the top of the hill. At this point I realized that it had finally stopped raining, I waited a little while for the team to regroup and try to reach my way up as quick as I can, I just wanted to do that not only because I can but I also wanted to make it a little more challenging for myself.

Sun rise, as viewed from the hill

Alone on the hill sitting on a rock

I managed to reach to the top very quickly while the rest are still quite a distance behind, instead of being happy about my achievement of reaching to the peak quicker then the rest, I kept asking myself "Now what?".
Yea, I am first to summit, so what? I'm still alone. What's the point of making it up so quick alone? It'll be lame if I were to celebrate up here alone.
I look down and see the rest of the group still struggling to make their way up, usually on uphill climbs I always assist those who need help, however this time I realized that my selfishness is my downfall, that point on I thought that it would be more meaningful if I were to assisted the group to reach the summit.

Group in the morning sun

A lesson and a new experience was my reward for this trip, the rest is a gift.

Have A Great Day

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