Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Petrol rebate

The Form

Spent the whole morning asleep, been up for the pass few days working and editing charity video for a gift-from-the-God-organization. Don't have much to do until later evening so I decided to drop by the post office and get my petrol rebate. I have the forms back at home, fill them up and then rode off to the post office on my scooter.

57 people are waiting before me

1 crowded post office

I walked in the post office unsurprised thanks to the slow service provided by the post office. I took a ticket and waited for my turn. For one hour I hear unhappy people all around me swearing at the government's action to hike up petrol price and have this system where we gotta collect rebate from the post office. I wasn't interested to join in and talk about it, might as well just deal with it for now.
One hour pass and it's finally my turn, the process was pretty quick to my surprise I just hand in the forms, one for my scooter and another for the car, presented my I.C., have my thumb print on the forms and it's done, take money and leave. However, I only manage to get the rebate for my car but not for my scooter because I had my road tax renewed in January, have to wait next year for that one.

If you are going to get your rebate at the post office, just remember to bring your I.C. and your thumb.

Have a Great Day

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