Monday, May 12, 2008

The Pink Spider Memorial

I was looking for a video of X Japan performance where Yoshiki Hayashi starts the song with a slow relaxing solo tune on the piano, then continue with head banging beat on the drums, the dude is talented and the lighting of the stage performance in the video is sick!
I did not manage to find what I want, however I just learn that the band just had a memorial recently for their band member Hideto "Hide" Matsumoto who passed away on the 2th of May 1998.

Pink Spider was the nickname Yoshiki gave to Hide for his trademark pink hair

Now I return to my dose of Japanese Heavy Metal.

Have A Great Day


klown said...

I know what you are looking for.

I bet you my left ball that the song is Kurenai. However you will have problems finding that video.

Look at

but the beginning piano solo, before he rips off his shirt and runs to the drums has been chopped.

Find the whole thing - this is the right one, they don't have punk hair anymore.

That man goes ape-shit crazy on the drums.

klown said...

that one is after hide's death. check out the one wif hide still alive as lead guitarist (yep the pink hair)

good quality sound.

Also check out El-ape-shit-crazy-drummer-man is banging away in a NECK-BRACE!!!

The low quality youtube one, hide's gone, so the intro is done by E-A-S-C-D-M on the piano.

klown said...

hide's funeral - this is such a nice sad song T_T