Thursday, May 22, 2008

My injured thumb

In my previous post I did mentioned how I managed to seriously injure my thumb, now I would like to bitch about how inconvenient it is to have a thumb that's injured, allow me elaborate a little on the condition of my thumb first. The burned skin is starting to become dark, it is also starting to break at some part and water is flowing out of the broken skin.
The doctor instructions which was not to wet my wound, so every time I shower my right arm is held high as if I am in class ready to answer a question. I also had to wash my face and brush my teeth using my left arm this at least is not as bad as trying to reach for my wallet which now has become a challenge because of the friction between the wound and my pocket makes paying for anything very painful, literally.
When it comes to eating, I cannot use the chopstick properly, even using a spoon can be quite a pain, but I lost my mood to eat every time I see my injured thumb, I'm still getting enough food thou, don't really like the feeling of being hungry.
Trying to reply SMS om my phone is also starting to piss me off, had to take my time writing using my finger, sometime typing using the keyboard is a painful affair especially when I hit the space bar with the wrong side of my thumb.
Well, it's actually not that painful now and I think it's starting to heal despite the disgusting look, water flowing and all the crap.
Time to sleep.

Have a Great Day

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