Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grave of the forest

How many trees have to fall for us to wipe our ass?

A recent project had brought me to saw mills and wood processing plant, and it's really sad to see the amount of dead trees in the area. Simply imagine that more then a dozen or 2 dozens football fields filled with logs or sawed wood, the amount of wood there is so insane that you have to see it to believe it, everywhere I turn there is wood, even the ground is no longer soil, earth or mud, it's all covered in think layer of saw dust.
The biggest questions that runs in my mind are, where did all these trees come from? Who permits these logging activities? It's just crazy how fast the trees are being cut down and turn in to strips of wood and shipped out at a rate that it gives J.I.T (Just-in-Time) a whole new meaning.
Sad thing is that humans are killing themselves and they don't even realized it.

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klown said...

"How many trees have to fall for us to wipe our ass?" - HHC

So? Like that u don't use lar :P

Illegal logging seems to be an issue.,20080409-120837,uk.html