Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wheelchairs and kites

"Hey! It's you! Did you come to visit me?" One of the boy in the wheelchair asked me while his other 2 friends are arguing.
It's been quite a while since I last visit them, felt guilty about it actually.
I mean while I'm swimming/drowning in my own world of thoughts, thinking that the world is falling down on me, I totally forgotten about those who are really in need and it's amazing how quick and easily they can cheer me up, they don't even know nor do they need to try.
Simply being with them, that's all it takes for my mind to find peace and renew my hopes and dreams. One short hour with them and I'm the most cheerful person to a point that my friends think that I've gone insane.
"I've lost the kite you gave me last time." said the same boy.

I'll be back there again soon.

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ellacy said...

Yea..I get what you mean, cos during last valentine's day, i volunteered at an orphanage and the smiles one their faces just reminds you that life is so much simpler when you were young...little gestures like helping them to colour, brings smiles across their faces...if only, life can be that simple as adults..:)