Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day to the world

Saudi Arabia INCLUDED!

After reading the news in the link above I believe the first thing that many people would say is "The religion not so good la, blah blah blah".
How do I see the difference between good religion and bad religion? Is there any?
Personally I do not believe that there is a bad religion, even if there is one I wouldn't blame religion.
Just a few days back, I learned that a friend of mine was forced to break up with his girlfriend because of her mother's point of view on religion doesn't comply with his not only that they had to break up, the mother also come in to bad term with him. Bull! I remember correctly, all religion teach us to love and care for all human and living beings, come in to bad term with a person is not really what God wants I believe.
Seriously, I think the ones that should be blame is the people, not the religion. People are the ones misusing religion as a tool in their own benefits in family affairs, politics, etc.
I really shouldn't be ranting about this especially on a day of love but I just wanna let it off my chest.

Anyway... Spread the LOVE
Happy Valentine's Day


Linus Linnaeus said...

i think religion is the problem...because religion is a man made institution to have a basis for often people forget spirituality and focus on's no longer whether what they are doing bring them closer to holiness in being but whether they obey rules of a particular church,temple or mosque

Cmate said...

Hey dude!

It's me, Gina aka Cmate. Hehe! Just saying hi.

HuonHengChai said...

linus: we'll debate about this sometime

cmate: hello Gina, thanks for dropping by :)