Sunday, February 17, 2008

Building an armature

I've spent some time looking at some armature designs and figured that there are a few ideas I could copy or some how improve so that I can minimise the hassle that so many people posted.
I'm still in the process of building or rather fixing the flaws that I find from the armature I build and I think it is a good idea for me to post this in my own blog so that at least I have some sort of record i can refer to in the future.

Here are 2 stripes of electrical wire connectors, what I did was unscrew all the screw so that the brass connector in the can be remove, I keep all the screws even thou I know that I don't need all of them but they might come in handy in future as spares.

This was prepared earlier, a small aluminium tube that has been saw accordingly to form the frame of the armature.

What I did next is superglue everything together, the brass connectors are glued in place in side the aluminium tubes so that I could use it to hold metal wires and also allows me to replace it without the need to do alot of repairs. The result of the joint is shown in the picture below.

The flaws I've encountered is that the glue that I'm using isn't strong enough to hold the aluminium together to form a T shape frame and the brass connectors could still be removed from the aluminium tubing if it's pulled out too hard, I may need to replace the superglue with metal epoxy or something strong, the wires I used for the joints are also too thick in size that it actually makes it harder to shape and could potentially damage the bond between the aluminium tube and the brass connector.
Visit the hardware shop is required still I believe.
To be continue...


Heidi said...

what's an armature for?

owh wait...

just googled it. LOL.

I see I see... planning to do some motion capture stuff eh. :) hehe... :P

*Goodness, I typed this so long ago then after your sms I forgot to publish comment... -_-"

HuonHengChai said...

LOL, Now you knowzzz

I'm just experimenting, but something might just come out ;P