Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The search for Batangsi Falls

Where the HELL are we?

August is over and it's now safe to go jungle trekking in search of waterfall once again, this time we try for something that's "there but don't know where", according to the Waterfall of Malaysia website there is a so called Lata Batangsi but the actual location of this place is either unknown or only known by few people who are either shy to reveal the location. So armed with a frigging huge map, 2 GPS and a BIG stick, we head down to look for the mysterious Lata Batangsi.

The group being lost as usual

Right after having our breakfast, we head for the wrong turning point to get lost and to find our way back out again, it's becoming a ritual for the group. Yet we managed to find the correct (perhaps) starting point, everyone got in to their gears and we begin trekking a nicely paved dirt road which made me asked the question "Why didn't I just drive on this damn road."

The start of the trek

Mayo leading Ping and Henry

Half way through the trek we found a small steep path that leads down to the river, fearing death Aurelius deploys his scout for a possible suicide mission, and that happens to be me. We took the path anyway and started trekking up stream, it turn out to be a very pleasant walk until the sky decided that we were not wet enough and it started to rain.
Fearing that Henry might get washed away by the river, we decided to get back on to the road and continue trekking in the rain.

Reach a permanent farm which feels like war torn Vietnam in the movies

The walk was long and the rain makes it discouraging, being the only dumb ass in this trip I had to do something dumb to boost the group morale, I had to do something like...

...pretending to put up a flag.

We continue on in the rain till eventually we met a kind farmer who offered us shelter from the very heavy rain. There we try to kept ourselves warm and discuss about our next course of action, we didn't want to continue on because the rain had made the river murky and even if we made it to the falls, it won't be worth the trip because it's going to look ugly like a big flowing teh tarik.

We did what we came for anyway - Cam Whoring

We'll be back there again.

Have a Great Day,


aurelius said...

Wakakaka... So efficient...
We are going to make it this saturday.. :)

Linus Linnaeus said...

aiyor...no wait for me ah?????
wait lar...i will come then you get great cam whore