Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Geruntum Falls

Part of our plan for Lata Puteh trip was that we would visit a waterfall before we head back home, so Geruntum falls located in Ulu Geroh was our destination. We drove on to a small road in KampunG Geruntum till we found a few small bamboo hut which marks the start of our trail. In less then 30 seconds on to the trail, we saw a waterfall...

Lower tier

What we saw wasn't what we came for, we wanted more, we wanted the waterfall on the upper tier. So we followed a marker thinking that it is the start of the trail, but we soon found out it's not as there is no trail and the climb up was extremely steep. So we tried to find another alternative which was just a few meters away from us, there is a proper trail with nylon rope along it. We took that trail and in about 10 minutes we reach our destination.

The goal
Posers and the prize

I'm feeling lazy to describe further so I'm just gonna leave this to your own imagination. :)

Have A Great Day

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