Monday, April 18, 2011


I've not written or posted a new post in my blog for so long that some of my friends wonder if I've already forsaken my blog. For myself, I'm not sure of the answer either, let me explain. Sometimes in life, people get lost, either distracted or not sure of their direction, where to go and what to do. To find their way they often look back at the past, comparing now with then, who died? What changed? What made them laugh? What made them cry? I'm actually not in that situation, but the drama helps make this post a little longer.

I think I spend more time reading my older post than writing new ones, not really sure what's the reason but I find that more enjoyable to do but in a way I am trying to find out who I was. It's not like I've got in to an accident and lost my memory but my memory is starting to get bad as I grow older.

Simple things like forgetting my keys or trying to find my wallet in my messy room often fill me with frustration that always make people around me upset. I never have any intention of hurting anyone but sometimes things just happen subconsciously, but I'm really sorry for that.

I remember I used to be very patience in many things I do, well at least much more patience then I am now at least. I cannot stand people telling me what to do when I'm already doing it, like just when I was about to take out the trash, somebody just jumps in and tell me to take out the trash, I know people cannot read my mind but it's just so very annoying. With all that ranting aside, I think the whole point of writing this post is just to write a post and to clearify that this blog is not forsaken, I'm just too damn lazy to write.

Have a Great Day

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